Upcoming Anime: Sword Art Online II/ Sword Art Online Phantom Bullet

Welcome to yet another first here on phoenixotaku1990’s Animeverse. Today I’ll be covering the second iteration of in the popular Sword Art Online franchise.  SAO 2, more affectionately known as Sword Art Online Phantom Bullet premieres today.  Since the franchise has taken a bit of flack from me in a recent review I want to give its second season the chance to to wow me.  In short,  I would like to go in free of any prejudice I had for the previous entry.  Thus I have opted to to so both an Upcoming Anime and a First Look to serve as my pre and post-premiere reactions.


While last season was marred with inconsistencies and bad storytelling I am hoping this season will be better.  From what I’ve heard it’s a direct continuation wherein the actions of a player virtual world of Gun Gale Online is killing people from the real world prompting Kirito to enter the game to confront another evil that threatens the VRMMO genre.  Apparently this will feature a new female avatar and a new female lead and pseudo-love interest.  While I am curious as to the fate of Asuna and other well=established female characters that have succumbed to Kirito’s charms any female companion will be a refreshing change from the incestuous coupling between Kirito and Leafa.  I am optimistic that such a change is the harbinger of betteer storytelling


I’m happy to say that the animation and sound design that made Sword Art Online such an awesome experience are back.  Since these aspects essentially carried the first iteration I pray it is mire of a compliment to the plot rather than its saving grace. That said , the folks of A-1 are no doubt willing to pull out all the stops.  Judging by the trailers the animation alone may be the stuff of masterpieces.  At this point I’m taking a wait and see approach.