Special Event: Fate/stay night Unlimited Bladeworks Review Streak and Future Plans

Ladies and gentlemen, fall is upon us and with it comes a new anime season.  In celebration of this seasonal milestone I have decided to introduce a new feature to this blog known as Review Streaks. As the name implies, a review streak is a long string of reviews.  However, instead of focusing on multiple series I will be doing an extensive episode-by-episode review of a single anime.  While there are many noteworthy anime on the charts  this year I have chosen Fate/stay night Unlimited Bladeworks as the inaugural series for this feature.


Rest assured this is not the only plan I have for this blog in the coming days.  It is October, the month when all things dark take center stage.  This is why I will be posting my “Top 13 Scariest Character”  and  “Top 10 Supernatural Anime” List later this month.  I hope you will be patient with me. As I am in college I find myself unable to post at times.  Still, my followers and fans  mean a lot and I thank you for supporting me..