Life and the state of the blog

Hi guys I know it’s been awhile since I last updated but I assure you it’s because a lot is going on. I’m starting my final year as a mass media student in August. I’m top of all of that this is been a very stressful summer. The time that most of these people that make up my peers are using to relax and get married and what not I’m using to write a book. Alongside that , my anime collection has taken a serious hit as quite a few were sold without my knowledge. Right now I have to settle for doing DVD rips of my existing collection so that I can bring the best content possible to both the blog and my upcoming YouTube channel. To be fair I am rather irritated by the turn of events that just happened but that is only a drop in the bucket for the stress that I have gone through the last few months. For those of you who think university is easy in America I am here to tell you that we have to earn your stripes just as much as any other country’s students do. But I am almost done jumping through hoops. So I am hoping to have new content up soon