Week One AMV Chosen

The first of many AMVs of the Week has been chosen . It is available for viewing on the AMV of the Week page here. The next AMV can be chosen via Voting on the Facebook page. Hopefully this this can be expanded as the content grows.  I hope all of you enjoy the hard work editors put into this weeks submission.   I hope for better ones next week

Sword Art Online Movie

It has come to my attention that Sword Art Online is making its first foray into film.  While I have mixed opinions on the SAO anime I feel that Sword Art Online Ordinal Scale may change my mind on the franchise as a whole.  from what I have seen in the trailers posted  below the series seems to be abandoning its focus on Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Games (VR-MMORPGs)  for an Augmented reality equivalent.  While being a first for the series This allows for more real-world scenes which some fans found sorely lacking in season 2.  The new setting offers the prospect  of new developments in characters.

While I hope Ordinal Scale offers us this and everything else I thought SAO lackedIts all speculation at this point as to specifics of the plot I will be glad to see a continuation.


Digmon Adventure tri Gets More Screening in the US starting September 29th



Growing up in the 90s anime fans were divided into two distinct groups,the younger fans who loved Pokemon or older fans who enjoyed Digimon.  While Pokemon is still going strong 20 years after its release  Digimon‘s original series,  Digimon Adventure, hasn’t seen a true sequel since the second season in the late 90s with Digimon Adventure II.  However, the series is currently getting a third season via a few Original Video Animations. (OVAs)  While all three were released on Crunchyroll last year  these featur-length animations will will be getting a limited theatrical release by Eleven Arts on September 29th .  It seems that they are showng all  of the currently released OVAs .


40% off Funimation Sale


Anyone who purchases anime regularly knows how expensive a single season can be.  In the hopes to lessen the burden on our wallets, the fine people at Rightstuf Anime have a limited time offer deal on the series and movies licensed by Funimation. Click here to see the current offerings. I am not sponsored by Rightstuf Anime, nor do I have any affiliation with the company.  I like to find deals and pass them on to fans like you

Top List: Top 5 Anime Movies

In the world of anime everyone seems to to be fixated on shows and seasons.  Throughout  the year many anime fans anticipate the coming of new shows and seasons an any person invested in media would.  But, there has always been a symbiotic relationship between television and film.  This is also true for the anime industry  which makes great use of the big and small screen in order to tell enthralling stories.  While much of this blog covers seasonal anime I have composed a list of  the best anime movies to my knowledge.
Rules for this List:

1. It must be a feature-length (60 Minutes or more) animated film that originated from Japan.

2.  Many anime have their roots in popular film franchises and vice versa.  While the anime these films spawned  is not the subject of  today’s list films spawned from anime will be considered.

3. This list will be ordered from worst to best. without regard to  studio or director.

Fellow anime fans  I have been waiting to bring you this list for quite some time.  However, it never seemed truly complete.  However through recent acquisition s and viewing I feel I can bring you a quality list.  Grab your popcorn and other over-priced snacks  because we’re going to the  movies.  Let’s begin!

5: Full Metal Alchemist : Conqueror of Shamballa

The original Full  Metal Alchemist anime was one of the most memorable anime of the early 2000s holding third place on  Anime News Network’s Top 100 anime of all time from 2003-2007 before being overtaken by Bleach.  The 51 episode series is well-known  for its unique tale of atonement with a lack-luster  ending.  When the feature-length continuation , Full Metal Alchemist : Conqueror of Shamballa, hit the big screen in late 2005  it offered a great conclusion that gave fans a reunion of both  the original Japanese and English voice casts.  The plot ambitiously overlaid  the turbulent political times of1940s Germany  with its mirror image of what it would be with and occult twist between the two worlds.   I still consider it a prideful addition  to my collection.


4: Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

I’m jumping into the Way-back Machine to bring back a classic from a time of obscurity.  Much like the previous entry  Gundam Wing: The Endless Waltz  is a direct continuation of the 49 episode anime of the same name.  This film  has the distinction of being the very first anime-style films I had ever seen .  Even then, I felt like it was a well written addition to its series bringing in new mobile suits and a brand new antagonist  with ties to a pivotal characters.  Since I watched it on  Cartoon Network’s Toonami it became a hallmark of animation as an art form.  I daresay   it set a standard that I use to judge anime films to this day.


3: Ghost in the Shell

The original Ghost in the Shell is widely considered to be the fore-bearer of the cyberpunk genre.  While there is quite a bit of buzz surrounding the live-action adaptation  staring Scarlet Johansson I find the animated version properly captures the feeling of post-singularity dystopia that the franchise is known for.  This movie also shows the depth of characters like Major Motoko Kusanagi  and her partner Batou.   This movie is rife with sequels and spin-offs such as the popular Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex and and its recent prequel Ghost in the Shell ARISE but the original is always best.


2: Summer Wars

Hollywood has its legendary director such as Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick who transcend their industry to become household names but, few people know that Japan has its share of legends who stand at the apex of their pantheon .  Such is the case with Momaru Hasoda whose magnum opus Summer Wars is considered to be one of the best animated films in the world.  This film blurs the line between the real and digital worlds while giving its viewers a cast of memorable  characters  that weave together to form a truly unforgettable family  ensemble.  From this cast Hasoda derives the deep emotional drama and pulse-pounding action that has becom his calling card.


1: My Neighbor Totoro

Continuing the theme of legendary directors, the  final entry of this list belongs to none other than Mister Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro.  This film combines coming of age drama with an almost ethereal setting that inspires wonder in the viewer.  It has a tear-jerking plot  that makes you really feel for the two main leads.  I consider it to be the pinnacle of animated film and a classic in every since of the words.


Thus concludes my list of the top 5 anime movies.  Remember to support the industry by streaming these via legal means like Netflix or Crunchyroll if you feel incline to watch them.  You can also purchase these films at RightStuf if you wish to ad them to you collection.  For more on movies and anime pout your browser here.

Anime Music Video of the Week Page Coming

I have recently been attempting to expand the scope of my this blog.  As part of this initiative,  I would like to show off the artistic side of the anime fandom .  I plan to start by allowing those who are talented behind a video editor to show off their skills through the creation of Anime Music Videos (AMVs)  This contest will be held weekly.  Submissions can be sent to  The Animeverse’s Facebook page linked below.  I look forward to watching all your submissions and pules are forthcoming

Link:  www.facebook.com/Phoenix-Otaku-1990s-Animieverse-1771161799822444/.

Red Door Records and Cinema Short Film Festival



I don’t usually post regarding my personal life however my local will be hosting a short film festival.  For anyone interested in supporting the local arts and cinema I invite you to join myself, @TWILENOUT, @DreamingWildPro and @yellow_cocain3 at Red Door Records and Cinema  this Sunday, September 18th, between the hours of 7-9pm . Remember, the door price is $3  and its location is at 133 N. Patterson Street in Valdosta. Come support the arts and motivate local filmmakers.

Upcoming Review of Summer Wars

H tello anime fans,

I know it’s been awhile but life has a crazy way of getting in the way of things. Long story short I am back with a new slate of reviews coming down the pipeline for your reading and viewing enjoyment. During the next few months I will be trying to keep my reviews on a weekly schedule with fun little excerpts and videos along the way. The first of These reviews will be For the movie Summer Wars I find this movie fantastic and I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you. Keep your browser locked here for the upcoming review.