Life and WordPress: Why I’m not Always On

hi guys,

I figure its time for a proper explanation as to why I haven’t been on WordPress of late.  In truth, there are a ton of factors that have disallowed me to post.  I am thankfully over some of these hurtles some still plague me.  As suuch I want to grant my readers a brief glimpse into m life.  Hopefully my words convey the graveness of my current situation.  I hope it is satisfactory as I assure you my words are the absolute truth.  I thank those of you who read this as I hope you understand my need for honesty with my reader-base.

I am Disabled:

Although I think I’ve mentioned it a few times during my tenure as as a content-maker I am physically disabled.  I have a condition known as Cerebral Palsy (CP) which effects all four limbs and impairs neuro-muscular functions. Unfortunately, this means I am wheelchair-bound and my typing speed is severely hampered.  Also, a secondary illness known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which leaves largely lethargic and lacking energy.  Add to this a bit of joint issues brought on by arthritis and you have a very painful cocktail of problems that set me back and keep me in a sickly state.

These problems keep me  from posting regularly due to the fact that I am often in great pain.  While I do often come up with ideas for good content I find them hard to implement over extended periods.  This is also the main reason why my posts are so sparse and irregular.  In short, the spirit is willing but the flesh is limited. But, still I want to try to bring my content to you,

I am a Recent College Graduate:

I have just completed my primary college degree and I’m currently seeking employment.  As I carry a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Mass Media finding a job within that field  in a small town, in rural Georgia no less, is a herculean task.  Add to this a debt of over $30,000 and a distinct lack of mobility and you will likely see why posting becomes secondary.  While I do find it fun to give my opinions and let a few reviews out it does not yet pay my bills.  As such, I work freelance as a graphic designer, screenwriter and video editor to earn a small bit of pay.

Other Projects:

On top of my work as a freelancer I am als engaged in writing a novel and a few scripts.  You will likely see these coming to the forefront of my work as time goes on.  Some of these have been momentous undertakings over a decade in the making and take precedence over my blogging.  As I am close to publication, I will likely mention these more.  Essentially, these are my brain-children and, I hope, my legacy.  They are as important as this blog and my readership..

In conclusion, I hope you understand why this blog is slow going.  By no means is this my retirement from blogging.  In fact, I plan on producing new comtent very soon.  All I ask fore is patience and understanding.  Thank you for reading and feel free to comment.  For anime news and reviews keep your browser pointed here.


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