Upcoming Review: Boys Over Flowers

General Information


Series: Hana Yori Dango

Other Titles: Boys Over Flowers

Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Shojo

Series Run: 51 Episodes (aprox. 22 Min per)

Distributors: Viz Media, Discotek Medis

MAL Score: 7. 87 (Ranked # 787)


My first ever requested review under the new format has been set. It is a far older anime than I am accustomed to.  Hana Yari Dango (Boys Over Flower) is a  highschool romance anime revolving around a woman named Tsukushi Makino  as her school life is turned up down when she stands up to the F4, a clique of rich men.  This leads to a reverse harem with dromatic elements. I’ll give you my thoughts on it in the upcoming review.



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Taking Review Requests


Hi guys I have awesome news.  I  have given great thought to opening my review request  line to a more public forum.  As such, I will be allowing anyone to request via the site’s Facebook page.  I will be posting a new page regarding the rules for certain requests.  Until then, I encourage anyone to post anything within reason.  Bring forth your worst guys.

Changes to the Blog

Hi guys,

I have done quite a bit of thinking in regard to how I have run my blog up to this point and it occurs to me that my content has far too sparse.  I’m not giving you guys the content that you deserve as fans of anime and it breaks my heart to see that I have let you down.  In light of this I hope to be back on the reviewing circuit within the next few months.  With that said, I would also like to add and expand features that will make this blog more of a full featured website.    Until then I owe you my thanks for sticking by me.