Amv of the Week

Alright folks I feel like I need to clear the air on this paicular segment.  AMV of the week was a wash.  I don’t enjoy removing features but I feel this one was ill-timed and poorly maintained.  I owe you guys better content than that,  In-keeping with that qualiy standard I will be removing the feature outright until it can be relaunched with new features.  Thank you for understanding.

Casual Fridays: Fate/Grand Order

Hi guys, its friday again and that means I get to kick off my shoes and share another tidbit of my life outside the realm of anime.  Though I suppose today’s topic is related to anime  in i quite a few respects.  Today I want to tell you guys about the mobile game Fate/Grand Order.  For thode of you who are not in the knoew the Fate franchise is one of my favorite long-running properties in anime.  So of course when the a mobile game under the Fate banner I had to check it out..

grand orderjpg

The Story

The story is one you might expect rom the if you have watched  any incarnation of Fate over the years.  Another Holy Grail War has broken out, this time spanning history.  Your job as a member of the mage oganization Chaldea you are tasked with saving humanity  by intervening in each lesser grail war as a Master.  Along the way you meet a cast of unique characters that come from almost every title in Fate’s long run.  All of it is wrapped neatly of a visual novel as an homage the begining of the series.



What kind of Grail War would Grand Order be without a great set of servants?  Assuredly Grand Order doe not disappoint in the slightest.  Be they kings or fictional hero they are likely to be in the lineup.  You’d better carry a rabbits foot though because most iconic servants like Emiya and Artoria are behind a rarity wall.  While it iis no surprise the 1% drop rate for 5-star servants makes you really earn an iconic warrior.  Worse yet, the game works on a random Gotcha

My Thoughts

To be honest I love this game, but its not for everyone.  If you dont have patience or spend materials too fast in games Fate/GO will penalize you for it.  That being said, it is a fun ride for what little we have right now.  At the time of this post We have the tutorial and the first two stories with the Oceanose chapter slated for October. which bums me out but I can wait.  If you want to have me on your friend list my code is 026, 333,819.

Upcoming Anime: Castlevania


If you’ve been a reader of mine long enough you will likely realize that I love anime and video games in equal measure.  SAo, when one of my favorite games of all time gets an anime adaptation I am compelled  by the deepest pits of nerdy obsessesiveness to take a look at it.  Thus I began the trek back to Dracula’s Castle as I  benge-watched the first few episodes.  Much like its playable counterparts, the animated version of Castlevania does not disappoint.  But, is it up to my standard for a good anime?

At the time of writing this I have viewed four episodes of the series.  From what I have seen so far I can honestly say that it is a wonderful homage to the original.  We see a key character of the game series in Trevor Belmont embodying the last son of the fallen family trope.  He weilds the iconic consecrated whip Vampire Killer and does battle the way you might expect a Belmont to from the games.  Additionally,  other characters from Konami’s dungeon crawler Such as Symphony of the Night’s Alucard makes an appearance and joins Trever on his quest to kill Dracula thus creatibg a team fans have wanted for quite sometime.

While it does diverge from source material at times the show knows what it is.  Castlevania is. by all rights,  an action show with a slight occult feel.  I need more of this series as I enjoy it greatly. I hope to do a review once the series is complete.  Until then I will watch on baited breath.

Anime Deals Aug 21-28


It is Monday August 21, 2017 and I thought I would take a moment out of my day to help you guys find so deals on good anime.  Fortunately, I took the liberty of scouring the web to give you folks an easier time getting to the anime you love.  I have a few great deals for you from well-known dealers such as FYE, Crunchyroll and Rightstuf.  I do this without any endorsments so that I might remain unbiased when offering you these deals.  Lets do this.

Rightstuf Back to School Clearance Sale


The fine people at Rightystuf never cease to amaze me of late.  They seem to be getting in the spirit of the Back to School season by offering anime and manga fans a 32% dicount on their wears.  Thes include such awesome series as Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans, Future Diary and Full Metal Panic just to name a few.  For a few of you risque types theere is an adult selction too, thou I will not be chronicling it here.  Click here to see the sale’s page for yorself.

FYE Anime Test Drive Collection


FYE is a newer vender to me though it has been around for sometime.  Apparently they have anime classics in two episode sets called Anime Test Drive  These are clearly geared toward newer fans who might need to see a few retro before diving headlong into the fandom.  Whle the content is sparse it is smartly priced at around $8.00 USD.  Even so you might be better off streaming at that price.

Crunchyroll Deals

The Crunchyroll store always has good merchandise from DVDs to anime inspired apparel.  This week’s deal is near and dear to my heart as they have a couple of pieces from my favorite anime up for grabs.  The centerpiece of this deal is chibi figurine of Fate’s own Artoria Pendragon in full regalia .  Secondarily, they are currently featuring a Men’s T-sh.  Hurry though as this is a daily deal

Upcomiung Anime: Kakegurui


2017 seems to be a good year for some risqué anime adaptations which happens to pay off.  As if to focus in vices the good people at Studio MAPPA have brought us the gaming anime Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler.  The anime fallows the exploits of Yumeko Jabami a student who has been accepted at a school which is academically and socially fixated on gambling..  Though I have only recently started this anime  I will say it is compelling.  But I’d rather wait to wade deeper into the story befor giving my opinion

Casual Fridays: Subbed versus Dubbed


I’ve been waiting quite a while to have this debate with all the anime fans out there.  In many parts of the fandom this question is one of the first you are likely to hear rather you are a seasoned veteran of the anime world or a newbie fresh  fresh from their introductory series.  Subbed or dubbed?  It is a deceptively simple question on the surface but nonetheless a divisive one.  But I want to give my humble opinion.


In all honesty I feel like the beginning of the  debate is started where you start in anime,  As a child of the 90s,  my anime journey began with Toonami, Kid WB and the Fox Box.  As you can no doubt see I was brought up in the dub camp.  But, as I grew older and refined my pallet I found that in order to stay current with certain releases I had to find subtitled versions of a show.  This was in 2003 which meant I had to suffer through low-quality streams on sketchy websites and torrents .  Dark times were upon  me back then sure but I learned to enjoy subbed anime.


Now I have respect for performances on both sides of the coin.  Admittedly I prefer dubs simply for ease of understanding I can and will keep up with subtitles.  I respect voice actors and saiyu simply for the immersion they bring to the table.  In short I just love anime.  It really does not matter what language its dubbed in.

Upcoming Review: Boys Over Flowers

General Information


Series: Hana Yori Dango

Other Titles: Boys Over Flowers

Genre: Drama, Romance, School Life, Shojo

Series Run: 51 Episodes (aprox. 22 Min per)

Distributors: Viz Media, Discotek Medis

MAL Score: 7. 87 (Ranked # 787)

Requested by: Janie Mucciolo


My first ever requested review under the new format has been set. It is a far older anime than I am accustomed to.  Hana Yari Dango (Boys Over Flower) is a  highschool romance anime revolving around a woman named Tsukushi Makino  as her school life is turned up down when she stands up to the F4, a clique of rich men.  This leads to a reverse harem with dromatic elements. I’ll give you my thoughts on it in the upcoming review.



Not Available at this Time

Taking Review Requests


Hi guys I have awesome news.  I  have given great thought to opening my review request  line to a more public forum.  As such, I will be allowing anyone to request via the site’s Facebook page.  I will be posting a new page regarding the rules for certain requests.  Until then, I encourage anyone to post anything within reason.  Bring forth your worst guys.

Changes to the Blog

Hi guys,

I have done quite a bit of thinking in regard to how I have run my blog up to this point and it occurs to me that my content has far too sparse.  I’m not giving you guys the content that you deserve as fans of anime and it breaks my heart to see that I have let you down.  In light of this I hope to be back on the reviewing circuit within the next few months.  With that said, I would also like to add and expand features that will make this blog more of a full featured website.    Until then I owe you my thanks for sticking by me.