Anime Review: Heaven’s Lost Property

Series: Sora no Otoshimono

Heavens Lost Property

Other Titles: Heaven’s Lost Property

Genre: Sci-Fi, Harem, Comedy, Supernatural, Romance, Ecchi, Shounen

Series Run: 13 Episodes (Approx 24 min per)

Distributor: Funimation

MAL Score: 7.62 (Rank #:1267)

Requested By: Andrew Ragsdale

If you are put off in any way by the lack of visual media within this review I am currently being forced to post on mobile and will return to the format I usually use shortly.


It is TIME for this review folks. I have finally found time to sit down and truly this love-letter to fan service anime. I’ve had about a month to decompress after working on some, let’s say surly, research projects and I needed to relax. So, I did what any other respectable anime critic would. I binged the series in two days and I am ready to put my thoughts to paper. This is going to be fun. Let’s begin.


Heaven’s Lost Property centers around Tomoki Sakurai, a perverted yet kind-hearted boy plagued by mysterious dreams foretelling the coming of an angel. His life is turned upside down by the sudden introduction of a wish granting angeloid by the name of Ikaros. A pink-haired, querky robot, starts off innocently enough doing things like granting Tomoki’s whims and associting herself with his neighbor and childhood friend Mitsuki Sohara, and going to a human middle school. This is a wonderful slice of life with a minor supernatural flvoring…until it goes off the rails.

This anime suffers from a lot of harem cliches that only serve to really weigh its characters down. Tomoki is your cookie-cutter lovable horndog protagonist with a heart of gold set apart from the mold by an unhealth panty obsession. Other than that the cast is essentially the RPG character-classes of harem anime. Sohara is the caring yet inhumanly strong girl next door, the class president, Mikako Satsukitane, is a kudare with a yakuza background, and even the angeloid Ikaros is just there to push the plot forward most of the time. Even characters like class eccentric Eishirou Sugataand the second angeloid Nymph, while a bit interesting, boil down to nothing save for the brotherly male and the lolita sundare stereotypes

Despite, the stereotypical cast, there is a decent story here. The only issue here is that it is covered up by every single possible inuendo and cliché it can pack into its runtime. The anime spends so much time on panty shots and Tomo’s pervesion that it is a slog to get any deeper significance from early episodes. As it is only 13 episodes, to have so much time devoted to fanservice really detracts from the depth that adds weight toward the end.

Once we get a bit of Icarus’s backstory and find out why she’s so limited in function compared to her blunette counterpart Nymph Heaven’s Lost Property gains a bit more clarity. Sadly, her past is barely touched on in this season with a sparse scenes dedicated to Ikaros past and leaving the viewer questioning who and what she might be. This forces the viewer to speculate on her or seek answers in the second season. While it is fortunate to have a secondary season and an OVA the lack of depth portrayed in the opening episodes may discourage viewrs who seek a good story-driven piece, but it is stylistically unique and fun.


At first glance, Heaven’s Lost Property looks like any piece created in the 2010s with slightly moe inspired character designs. But when we look deeper there is a whimsical side to this anime where in chibi animation is implemented. I’ve never been a big fan of the Chibi art style, but the method by which is implemented here adds a rather unique bit of flare to a normally banal animation style. But, I will will say that it is a bit overused on some tense moments. However, as they’re are few and far between I can say it’s over all worth your time from a stylistics standpoint.

Sound Deaign

The sound design of Heaven’s Lost Property is actually what kept me hooked throughout the series. Composer Motoyoshi Iwasaki provide the stellar original soundtrack primarily composed of synth music but with a little bit of orchestral instruments here and there. The voice acting on the dub is made up of a veritable who’s who of the FUNimation stable. Greg Ayres, despite the lack of leading roles, does an admirable job as Tomo and Brittney Karbowski shows off a more robotic vocal quality as Ikaros which when combined make a rather likable pair. Wild things to do a great job the supporting is where the talent pool really shines. Will veterans like Eric Vale playing more eccentric roles like Sugata and the ever so lovely Jamie Marchi lending her sultry voice to the class president you are in for a treat. Of all of these, I feel Kara Edwards deserves praise for her performance of the lovable Lolita tsundare Nymph as I seriously think she got into it. Overall I found the dub more than palatable, though FUNimation should change up its voice cast.

Final Thoughts

Let’s get right down to it. Is Heaven’s Lost Property a great series worthy of any anime fans bucket list? No, but at the end of the day it’s not trying to be. It is aware that it is a perverted romantic comedy and it wears that badge proudly. Regardless of its faults I actually enjoyed this series and while it won’t be making my top five any time soon it’s definitely a guilty pleasure. But why take my word for it?

As always feel free to watch it yourself on Netflix and Funimation. If you feel inclined to own the series rather than stream it it’s available through RightStuf. It’s not a waste of a few hours and it gives you a few laughs. As always enjoy your day and keep watching. Thanks for your patronage.

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