New Tumblr


I have been experimenting with different oulets for social media forms lately and I had a dedicated Tumblr for the site. Sadly, I had ben hacked and have since been locked out of the original. Fear not I have created a new one. If you want to join in on the fun click here . Enjoy the new contact point and unique content. A new review is coming ad I thank you for your parience.

FLCL Alternative


I don’t normally post something off the cuff like this but I have been so into FLCL’s new series since the premiere last saturday that I can’t help  it. Ladies and gentlemen it oes my heart good to tell you all that Fooly Cooly, better known as FLCL, has returned in the most spectacular way possible. The new series FLCL Alternative premiered on Adult Swim’s Toonami a little over a decade after the original series and the time put into the series reaslly shows in the new animation. While it is as yet unclear what connection FLCLA has to the orignal OVAs we can only hope that this brings som much-needed detail to the world of FLCL. Either way I’m psyched to see what Haruko has in-store for the four new protagonists.

Sadly, I cannot expand on my excitement due to work but rest assured there will be more to come.

New Staff Member


Hello anime fans,

As most of my long-time readers can attest, I have been running the site solo for the past few  years. While that has been fun, I feel as though  it is time to add a new member to the site’s staff so that the site’s content and comment boxes  can be given the proper attention  they deserve. Following last year’s attempted DDoS attack and the subsequent  deletion of several reviews it dawned on me that no man can run a site like this by himself. With that sai, I have asked for someone dear to me to assist in the running of the Animeverse. Please welcome @sekaifan1991.

A Little Background on sekaifan1991

Sekai is a modest and all-around lovable woman whose history dates back to my high-school days. She’s a lover of popular culture who specializes in Korean, Taiwanese, and Japanese pop music and dramas.She has become  an integral part of my life and is key to the adoption of new policies that will be implemented here very soon. She is my partner in both love and encourages me to keep this site running. To my beloved, I bid you wecome. Readers, please bear in mind she is new to anime as a whole and will likely be shy posting. Otherwise please treat her as you would me.