Possible future

Hello again Everyone,

Well I’m happy to say that everything’s working out For my master’s .Which leaves me with the new question in mind. Do I leave this blog the way it is or do I reopen it Reviewing a few  series while I’m out hunting for a job? Iwouldn’t be on here if I wasn’t seriously considering continuing , however I won’t be able to commit fully to anything until after the end of summer. But the factory mans I still love you guys an apology.I closed up shop summarily because I was overwhelmed by the work that I had on the table. I realize now that that was wrong. 
Ask few numbers that might be I’m afraid I owed you guys an apology. I know I haven’t really been dedicated to doing what I originally wanted to with this  but you guys stuck by me. For that I am profoundly grateful. So I’m not asking you to look out for what’s coming Or to expect a new review. Instead I want to ask you to let me make this place fun again. 

For a while now it’s not like a job whenever I Have actually had time to do it. To be honest I haven’t had time to sit down and watch any new stuff since 2018. On the rare occasion that I did I could never find myself enjoying anything. He would too often be worried about criticizing the next big thing and trying to pull everything apart.Even when I started watching anime with friends it wasn’t as nice as I used to be very good

So between work and more depression than I could really Deal with I’ve had a lot of time to think . It’s been a long time since reviewing a piece been fun for me. With that and the fact that the community has ran more more toxic over the years I’ve never really found myself enjoying the fandom as much as I did when I 1st started here.Will I ever recapture then again? Probably not, but I still want to be part of this community. I wanna have sensible conversations with fans that I actually enjoy what they’re doing.So, with that in mind I’m willing to try to open this place back up a bit. 

So I guess thank you guys for listening to this Article and hopefully There’s still some life in this site yet. But we shall see

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