AMV of the week



Anime Music Videos (AMVs) have been a staple of the anime community since video sharing came into existence with YouTube in the mid 2000s.  Since then anime fans have combined clips from their favorite series with their favorite music for some surprisingly awe-inspiring results.  If you want to exercise your creative muscle with a video this is the place to do it.  Submissions will be taken weekly via the Facebook page below

Please note that this page was created  to support the creative talents of video creator.  As such, the following rules are in place to keep things positive and allow for the maximum creative freedom


  1. All videos are to be submitted via YouTube link or other video sharing websites- Videos submitted via Dropbox or file-sharing service links will not be considered
  2. Submissions will be viewed and posted  on Fridays only-In order to give all fans equal opportunity  to create and submit the best AMV possible I will only view postings on Friday.  Also I will consider the likes a video gain before the deadline in deciding which videos to post.
  3. Video posts most include series and paring information- Even if its a major series, some people my be interested in a show after seeing a submission.  To make it easier to inform viewers and categorize please include  the series and parings in your Facebook post.
  4. No Trolling- As this section focuses on the creativity of anime fans trolling is not allowed.  If a submission does troll the fandom that entrant will be ban from entry until they submit a written apology via Facebook.

The first submission will go up next week.


Week One:


Anime: Rosario+Vampire

Song: Thriller

Artist: Micheal Jackson

Week Two

Anime: Sword Art Online

Song: Hunger

Artist: Amaranthe

Week Three

Anime: Yu Yu Hakusho

Song:Mortal Kombat Theme

Artist: Unknown


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