An update on my life and my thoughts on depression

Hey guys,
it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to post like this so I hope everything’s good on your end. Last post, I mentioned a bit about depression. The simple reason behind that is because I have been rests. For the last two years I’ve been set to work on a Masters degree that, while enjoyable, was fairly destructive to my health. Throughout I learned a lot about the field of public relations and communication. Overall, it’s one of those things that I feel as though I’d be incomplete without but I guess the same can be said for any type of education.
But the constant grind mixed with the overwhelming amount of research and conception of new projects that I’ve had to go through in the interim had me at a mental loss. I tried doing everything that I would normally do to calm down and get my head under me but I just couldn’t do it. At first I thought the everything was beyond me. But, it will serve me to be a better person. The work has a way of molding it will help you become a better person.
I had several guiding forces in my life at the time the most potent of which is my father. For an old grease monkey, the old man know what he needed to give me to get me back out there and it turns out it was a good kick in the pants. He helped me to become better and more focused person. Then circumstances in life kinda called me to improve more. My girlfriend, known on this platform as sekaifan was and still is in need of medical insurance due to the fact the she is in need of medical care for a moderate disability. This brought me back to the state university it used to be my stomping ground.
So I spent the next two years researching communications in the field of disability. I ended up doing some work in criticism (ironic huh) regarding disability and the media. I even ended up writing a sixty-seven page thesis on the subject. Teachers all the while I felt like I was losing a part of myself. I throw myself more mourned my work and I started to collect bonds that I’d made over my life. You might think that the power of friendship would’ve help me out here in a way it did the all in all I found myself just going deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole of endless gray that is workaholism.
So I made a few new friends and brought back a couple of old ones from way back when. They helped me to figure out some things. Ironically, at this stage in my life they started inviting me over for the most wholesome of things. When we started having our weekly anime nights. We saw at least six of the twelve series in the time that we’ve done things and in that time we selected each one with us in mind. It was during a showing o fAnohana that I actually realized something. For the first time in a year and 1/2 I was actually enjoying watching a piece. Not only that I was actually emotionally invested again. Ironically, it seems that this lighthearted series was just what I needed to perk up my spirits and get through the hard moments in life at the time. That along with a trip to what I would like to call “my student psychiatrists” lifted me up to where I could have a much more positive attitude. This ended up getting me a job teaching public speaking and a few other minor classes, department.
Oddly enough, I found that I had a rather intense love of teaching. I love to watch students grow and understand the things that they didn’t. It led to a rather enjoyable class and one that I would still enjoy teaching to this day. In this moment everything started looking up I became better for.
The one thing I can say I really learned from the experience of falling down that rabbit hole and coming back again is you can’t give up halfway through. Here I sit typing away in a new post, a Phoenix risen from his own ashes. The way I see it we are all protagonists in our own stories and it’s up to us how that story continues. We see it all the time in our chosen medium, heroes fight against evil and this is no different. You have depression the fight is against yourself and it can hold no power over you unless you give it power. So after going through any type of depression or just generally a bad time in your life stand strong is your story is not over yet.So as cheesy as that sounds the best thing I can say for anyone going through that is rise and be your own hero

The Nostalgia Factor: Are the Rose-Tinted Glasses Blinding Us

Normally I would save a topic like this for an in-depth review, but a recent conversation with a fellow connoisseur of anime brought me around to to questioning the effect of nostalgia on the our perception of a given anime as good or bad. Humans are, for the most part, creatures of habit for the most part, and we tend to like revisit those things we most enjoy. Some may like the long-fused romance of CLAMP’s Clannad while others might better enjoy making a run through the shounen juggernaut Naruto No matter your choice of anime there is always that one show that a fan returns to over the years to recapture and relive one’s favorite moment. To many of us those anime are sacred in a sense and we often neglect to find faults in a given show.

This brings me to the titular question of rather nostalgia blinds us to the shortcomings of a show. During the conversation, as is common for us, we discussed our thoughts on certain anime with the catalyst of this discussion being his recent binge of the English dubbed version of Angel Beats. Speaking as a fan, I cited its reputation as a legendary feels anime and to my absolute shock he was not sold. While he did say that the emotional aspects of the anime were well-done he noted that the show seemed to lack a notion of what it wanted to be. According to him it jumped between comedy, action, and slice of life. While a busy plot is nothing new in terms of anime the way in which the three elements were coordinated to created to construct the viewing experience. Between, the convoluted aspects of the plot which I wont reveal given its potential for a review and the hidden elements that felt needed explanation he decried Angel Beats legendary status.

So, in order to prove him wrong I chose to dust off my reviewer’s trilby and gave it the critical treatment. Lo and behold he was right. The flaws I saw stuck out like a sore thumb. With the veil of my biases lifted I saw the show for what it was. Were the rose-colored glasses all that mad it great? Not entirely as I hold my belief that the anime is exceptional despite its flaws. Indeed, the rose-colored glasses of youth needs a great aspect to latch on to. In the case of Angel Beats I found that it was the characters and their interactions that drew me back. I found myself drawn to the very thing that makes it such a successful feels anime. In effect nostalgia is powerful but there has to be an ancor point there.

So, are the rose-tinted Glasses blinding us? Like many questions regarding taste in anime it’s subjective. Nostalgia has a stronger for some than it is for others. In the end, you like what you like and if you love a series enough recognizing its flaws should not change the experience. If it does maybe you are more attached to an anime’s reputation. Ergo, the answer to the titular question is both yes and no. What are your thoughts.

Casual Friday: Trying for My Master’s Degree

Hi guys, I have been rather sparse in my posts lately so I want to come clean with you guys and explain myself.  I am currently attempting to resume my educational pursuits by returning to my alma-mater  to acquire my Master’s of Communication Arts.  Unfortunatly, this requires some pre-testing for which I must study.  As I have wanted to post more I find myself in need of the extra study time.  I hope you can understand and I will definitely do more after I’m accepted.

Casual Fridays: Subbed versus Dubbed


I’ve been waiting quite a while to have this debate with all the anime fans out there.  In many parts of the fandom this question is one of the first you are likely to hear rather you are a seasoned veteran of the anime world or a newbie fresh  fresh from their introductory series.  Subbed or dubbed?  It is a deceptively simple question on the surface but nonetheless a divisive one.  But I want to give my humble opinion.


In all honesty I feel like the beginning of the  debate is started where you start in anime,  As a child of the 90s,  my anime journey began with Toonami, Kid WB and the Fox Box.  As you can no doubt see I was brought up in the dub camp.  But, as I grew older and refined my pallet I found that in order to stay current with certain releases I had to find subtitled versions of a show.  This was in 2003 which meant I had to suffer through low-quality streams on sketchy websites and torrents .  Dark times were upon  me back then sure but I learned to enjoy subbed anime.


Now I have respect for performances on both sides of the coin.  Admittedly I prefer dubs simply for ease of understanding I can and will keep up with subtitles.  I respect voice actors and saiyu simply for the immersion they bring to the table.  In short I just love anime.  It really does not matter what language its dubbed in.

Casual Friday: How I got into Anime

In the time I’ve been an anime fan I often look back to the old days of anime in the west.  I want to say that my love affair with anime started  with shows like Yu-Yu Hakusho or Mobile Suit Gundam, but I would be  lying.  Honestly, I had no idea what anime was at first.  In my six year-old mind my first anime, Ronin Warriors, was nothing more than a very detailed cartoon. .  Believe it or not, it took me seven years to truly become part of the anime fandom.

My gateway into the fandom came in the form of a very dear friend who started my journey by educating me in the different types of anime as well as its history.  Of course, back then I was what you would call a culture nerd.  So after about a month of learning where anime came from and what exactly separated it from western works I discovered that som of my favorite cartoons as a kid were actually part of anime boom of the 90s.

I instantly dove headlong into the fandom rewatching  classics like Gudam Wing and Cardcapturors and watching new things like Samurai Champloo I was fortunate enough to have borne witness to a renaissance of sorts with a flood of new   and interesting anime coming stateside,  These new title brought out my fervor spawning fanfictictions and  leading to a brief stint as an AMV maker on the forthcoming frontier of Youtube. I look back on these time fondly and you can even take a look down below to see a few videos I made.

It may be a little cliche, but even in my dark times anime was there.  Sparing many details, it suffices to say that my physical disability has often kept me ill, in rehab or socially indisposed. but I’ve made many a friend community both at home and worldwide.  Even from my sickbed or in rehab anime like Witch Hunter Robin and Air Gear inspired me to keep moving forward.  In fact, it drove me to create many things from films to a soon to be published novel.  In Short anime saved my life a few times and gave me a path to fallow.

So there’s the long and short of it all.  That is my time among you wonderful people.  So, How did you get into anime? Leave a comment below and subscribe if you like my material.  I look forward to hearing from you