Site Layout Change



I know it has been a great while since I posted but things have been hectic of late.  As you might have noticed, the site has gon through a facelift of sorts. This is to update the look and feel to something a little more modern. In addition, I hope to make the site easier to read for those with visual impairments. I’m genuinely interested in what you guys think of this change and would wecome criticism in the comments


Site Navigation Update


Hi guys! As the post names sugguest I’ve done a bit of reconfiguration in terms of my sidebar’s content.  In an attempt to be mor social I have linked ny Tumbr, Facebook and a newly-created Twitter near the top of the page.  In addition,  I have cleaned up the side bar and added a Blogs I Fallow widgets>  This will allow me to simultaneously increase my readership and guide new readers to more great content.   For mor site news keep your browser locked here.

URGENT News: Site Compromised

I have recently been informed of someone else posting under my account.  Please note that the latest casual Fridays post was not mine.  While it used my graphics it was not written by me.  I hjave not yet seen the Death Note movie.  Whomever decided to crack my account placed tthis scathimg piece for seemingly no reason.    Thankfully I have reported the hack and change my password since then.

Taking Review Requests


Hi guys I have awesome news.  I  have given great thought to opening my review request  line to a more public forum.  As such, I will be allowing anyone to request via the site’s Facebook page.  I will be posting a new page regarding the rules for certain requests.  Until then, I encourage anyone to post anything within reason.  Bring forth your worst guys.

Changes to the Blog

Hi guys,

I have done quite a bit of thinking in regard to how I have run my blog up to this point and it occurs to me that my content has far too sparse.  I’m not giving you guys the content that you deserve as fans of anime and it breaks my heart to see that I have let you down.  In light of this I hope to be back on the reviewing circuit within the next few months.  With that said, I would also like to add and expand features that will make this blog more of a full featured website.    Until then I owe you my thanks for sticking by me.

Introducing Anime Deals


In an expanded effort to bring you the best deals and specials in the anime community I’m going to change how I format these deal posts.  From now on, these will be done on a weekly basis barring any unforeseen issues.  On top of that, I plan on expanding my search field to sites like Crunchyroll and FYE to give you a wider range of deals yo choose from.  These will com in three distinct posts separated by vendor and will be placed in their own category.  Stay tuned for future bargains.

Week One AMV Chosen

The first of many AMVs of the Week has been chosen . It is available for viewing on the AMV of the Week page here. The next AMV can be chosen via Voting on the Facebook page. Hopefully this this can be expanded as the content grows.  I hope all of you enjoy the hard work editors put into this weeks submission.   I hope for better ones next week