Review FAQs


Anime reviews are, in a sense, my way of leaving a mark on the industry as a whole.  As a media and  a long-standing fan of the medium at large I feel it is a labor of love to bring you critical opinions on the genre’s many offerings.  But, I thought to myself, how can I make the review selection process more engaging to readers? That when I thought of opening the flood-gates so to speak and allowing YOU to pick the titles I review.  However, before I truly open my process up to the community I thought it wise to set a few boundaries so as to maintain a civil dialogue between myself and my readers.

How Do I Submit Review Requests?

Please submit review requests via the Facebook page or WordPress comments as I will check them often.  Be sure to read the Submission Guidelines page before posting.

Why all the Rules?

I am setting these rules in place in an effort  to quell the discord caused by trolls within the anime community who would devolve a fun and easy process into anarchy.  While I do have a fairly open policy in regard to what I review I find that trolls will likely request unsavory pieces that would damage my credibility as a critic.  I am a trained professional in the field of media criticism which requires a certain level of  decorum should I review something of an uncouth or vulgar nature.  In short, while I will be reviewing mature content at times I hope to keep my material safe for work and family friendly.

What I Mean by “Open Review Policy”

What I define as my Open Review Policy can be explained as an “anything goes” rule with a scant number of  caveats imposed.  I will review ANY anime regardless of genre or subject matter within reason.  This DOES NOT include hentai or pornographic material.  If material of that nature are submitted the person submitting it WILL BE BANNED from further submission.  This is a zero tolerance policy and no exceptions will be allowed.

Do You Review Seasons or Series?

Both, I do seasons for long-running shows (100 episodes or more) and series reviews for anything shorter unless the seasons are separated over large spans of time.

Can I Send a Link to a Show or Movie?

While I appreciate the help I have to ask that you refrain from sending links unless they are connected to officially licensed streaming sites.  Piracy has become a real problem within the fandom in recent years and I do not wish to contribute to an act that is actively killing the anime industry.  While the Digital Millennium Copyright Act  (DMCA) does afford me some fair use for critical purposes I feel that  animation staff and Mangakas are entitled to fair compensation.  However, if you are using sites like Crunchyroll, VRV, Hulu or Netflix I will happily accept them.

Whose Reviews get Priority Status?

I reserve the right to select any  piece I review, but they will be selected on a first come first serve basis for the most part.  Multiple submissions of the same series will be moved up in priority as per majority rule.

Where’s My Review?

I assure you it is coming.  Bear in mind it will take a bit of time to watch a series in its entirety  discounting rewatch time.  This process is necessary to form a critical opinion and can take to a month depending on the length of  the series.  A notification will be posted on the blog and social media.  If yours is not announced as an upcoming review it is backlogged and will be completed as soon as time permits.

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