Casual Fridays: The Return of the Vic Mignogna Contreversy

Vctor “Vic” Mignogna faces further backlash from his 2019 allegations

Good Friday to all of my readers and welcome to another casual Fridays post where I sometimes break character and tell you what’s going on in life or rant about something I’m passionate about. Today, I wont be going too far from home as I wish to discuss the fate of one of the most well-known voice actors in the English dubbing scene. I speak of course of Vic Mignogna. It seems that the last three years haven’t been so kind for the former voice actor turned filmmaker due to a cancel culture movement called Kick Vic.
Started on twitter under the #KickVic, the movement seemed to seek cancellation for the 20-year voice acting veteran following his dismissal from American dubbing juggernaut Funimation as well as well as popular digital media content producer Rooster Teeth. This dismissal was preceded by allegations of sexual assault and harassment brought to the floor by Monica Rial and Jaimie Marchi. Both masterful voice actresses in their own right, the two are both known for playing the titular Anarchy Sisters from the raunchy anime comedy Panty and Stocking with Garter-belt. Once the accusations toward Mignogna came to light, it began a tailspin from which the embattled actor is still recovering from three years hence.
Later on, it was revealed that several young convention-goers may have had encounters with him. As is often the case the age of the #MeToo movement, there were pedophilic accusations leveled his way that proved ruinous to his career. My political views in regaurd to #MeToo and it’s possible correctness in the context of the situation are not on trial here, I do believe that the adage of innocent until proven guilty used in the America justice system should be applied to protect all parties involved. If Vic is guilty, then he should be punished to the appropriate extent of the law. Where the issue in that lies in this occurs when the an officer of the court removes a person’s capability to defend themselves before a jury or at least a proper trial.
In 2019, Vic Mignogna was denied this, a right guaranteed under the Constitution of the United States. But why? Simple, because an officer of the court, in this case the Honorable John Chupp of the Dallas District Court, upheld a decision largely made by the court of public opinion that saw him ousted from the voice acting industry. Of course, it wasn’t that simple, nor should any proceeding that dictates the course of a life or career be so easy to make. That being said, if a man is repentant in the face of heavy retribution, then a man shouldn’t be tried for the same thing twice. Double jeopardy, rather legal or public should be and is deterred under the law.
It’s this very action that brings the case back into relevance as he is once again facing backlash in regard to the case. This time, he seems to have come under fire from social groups seeking to reignite the case. Mignona, currently working as an actor in a few lesser-known films, has been asked not to participate in a convention by varioius social groups including the #WeBelieve movement . The reemergence of case detail has not only seen him embattled yet again, but he is now being stripped of further career accomplishments. Here, they have even spurred the production team of popular fan-based webseries Star Trek Continues to distance themselves from him.
Given the gravity of the situation as it applies to the embattled star, I feel I must weigh in. It’s important to understand that any political or social movement, regardless of its intent, has the the potential to be misused for anther’s personal gain. I fear that, while mostly good intentioned, some zealous supporters of the #MeToo and subsequently the #WeBelieve movemt have opened themselves to be taken advantage of by uncouth or untruthful parties. I don’t ask for the exoneration of Vic Mignogna unless the evidence warrents a reexamining of the matter to that effect. However, I do not believe that a person should be continually stripped of his accomplishments and career opportunities without due cause of process. We should bear in mind that, if justice has been served, then we should at the very least allow those who wish to repent and pay their debts to society the means to do so. If not, I fear that we will one day allow the rule of law to become too mailable and thus incapable of fulfilling its purpose.
To clarify, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a fan of his work both now and formerly, and I am not saying he should be forgiven for any misdeeds he can be faulted for due to his celebrity status. The purpose of writing this was to remind my readers that, above all else, we should be mindful of the effects we have on others as accusation, no matter how slight, can have far-reaching effects. Vic, should you ever read my small blog, I respect you as an artist. Rather you are exonerated or condemned, I feel it should be done with proper evidence and given proper scrutiny. That being said nobody can or should replace the wprk you’ve done.
As always, I leave you with an open floor with which to discuss this case and my thoughts on it. I believe that. After all, don’t take my word as gslhen your own opinion is just as valid. I mght hav lost a few of you with this article, but what’s a little risk? Either way, keep it locked here for more of my ramblings.

Happy Thanksgiving Readers

Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
It’s Phoenix again,
As some of you know, it’s Thanksgiving in the good old US of A and while it is a day specifically made for Americans to give thanks for their bounties I have a slightly different idea of the holiday. I like to thank the people to whom I owe What little success this year has brought me. To friends and family to find this piece I thank you for your unending faith in me. To my glorious readership, I thank you for the time you’ve spent reading my journey into madness while making this blog. I know you didn’t have to but it means a lot to me. So for my home to yours have a happy Thanksgiving no matter where you are in the world.

Anime Review: Fate/stay night Unlimited Bladeworks

Hello everyone, here’s a little author’s note in regard to this review. If you guys haven’t seen my blog post updating you on my life and general blog maintenance issues feel free to click here and get the skinny version on that. Otherwise, let’s get on with it.

Title: Fate/ stay night Unlimited Bladeworks

Animated by: Ufotable

Produced by: Ufotable, Type-Moon

Licensed by Aniplex

Story: 4/5

Style: 5/5

Sound design: 3/5

Overall: 12/15 (4/5)


I would be lying if I told you guys I didn’t have a deep and passionate love for the Fate series. While I am immediately biasing myself by saying such a thing, bear in mind that I actually sat through the Studio Dean version All the way back in 2006, so I was there in the dark times of the series where the main meme of the series was “People die when they are killed”  Though I feel like I’m giving my age away with that reference, it does feel nice to see the series get a much-deserved comeback and coat of paint with the UBW route.

For those of you who have been living under a rock or just now became able to read or watch Fate, it is important to understand that the source material that they’re adapting for the series is based on a visual novel written by Type-Moon legend Kamehero Nassu. While it started out as your normal harem-based anime dating sim, people found the prospect of mage’s fighting a war for the legendary Holy Grail to be one of some intrinsic value, and thus the series we know today is Fate/stay night was born.  As enthralling as it is to see seven mystics use historical figures in a battle to see who’s worthy of getting a wish granted by Jesus’s pimp cup maybe I have to ask myself one key thing. In an era where Fate now stands as one of the biggest gotcha game franchises/anime multiverses in the game right now, does the original still hold up? More than that, can the coat of paint provided by Ufotabe really be the only thing this series needed to be catapulted from obscurity? I guess we’ll find out here.


When examining the story of Fate Stay Night Unlimited Bladeworks, henceforth known as UBW for my sanity, it is important to realize that it is part of a visual novel and thus it hears the trope of multiple plot routes.  Also, keep in mind that The Studio Dean adaptation of the story’s main plot route Oe the Fate route is valid and in play. Therefore, the same basic plot structures we find in that route as it was animated again here. But, that doesn’t mean that UBW isn’t a beast of its own.

The story for those of you who haven’t seen the anime or read the visual novel goes a little something like this. Shirou Emiya, a lonely magical orphan with a hero complex, finds himself knee-deep in a battle between mages and servants for the aforementioned pimp cup. Having managed to summon the most memed face in the series is his very own servant, he enters this supernatural Battle Royale to make a wish upon the grill and become a hero of justice. Fans of Urahara from Bleach I await your snarky comments.

Anyway, along the way he meets up with Rin Tosaka, our resident mage, love interest, and thigh queen if you believe the fan base alongside her partner which is a very moody and edgy version of Archer that honestly acts like the porcupine on his head is whispering kill them all into his ear constantly.  They slowly but surely find out about each master-servant combo and proceed to try and take them down as best they can. Then some shenanigans ensue based on some bad blood with a certain priest and a couple of folks from 10 years ago that honestly are just side mentions in the story at this point. Anyway, things come back to bite our beloved hero of Justice in the keister when his father’s indiscretions from the last 10 years literally come back to bite him in the form of two things, the former archer of the last war who comes out of nowhere to essentially duke it out with his servant and his lolli yandere sister who is dead set on putting this guy in the grave.

Well, it turns out that the priest Kerei Kotomine, otherwise known as Father douchebag, happens to have a hedonistic heart on for the pleasure of literally watching the world burn. The former archer from the last war, Gilgamesh, views the world as an interesting place and claims to own everything so he’s just fighting for what’s his.  And the yandere Lolita Illiysveil had such a tragic backstory and simply just wants to get her own twisted form of revenge.  Slowly but surely everything gets wrapped up and ends in a satisfyingly bloody rampage of insanity that sees impromptu her surgery, blindingly staggering sword fights, the tragic death of literally 10 different characters with at least two occurring off-screen, and a metric ton of overly complicated exposition and more that it would take me hours to explain I come to the final battle of the route. One where big surprise edgy douchebag archer decides to go after our hero because reasons then I refuse to explain due to spoilers. Seriously, if you want the full story outside of just my snarky explanation give it a watch when you can.

Anyway, it all comes down to climactic fights with The single most arrogant character I have ever seen and the morally forthright character in the series. In the end, by the power of McGuffinite and plotonium Shirou figures out he has the power to take down the arrogant golden codpiece with what is literally the title of the series. Sure, you can say I’m making light of it but this is as close to a spoiler-free version of the story that you’re going to get. Now, let’s get to the things that make the story so interesting in my opinion.

True, the characters we know and love from the original adaptation are back for another bloody walk down the same road, but I’m happy to say that we get a lot more context this time around. All the servants and masters from the original are given a bit more characterization hear that really helps you to root for them. Shirou Emiya doesn’t come off as a poultry hero of Justice who’s poorly written into a Gary Stew. Instead, he comes off as a person who’s had a hard life following the death of his father and draws heavily from The man for inspiration. Rin isn’t just a callous magician who is out to win it all costs and simply allies with Shirou to find the other masters: she’s a complex character the questions the morality of his judgment and struggles with the dividing line between being a mage and being a human.  Illya isn’t just some tropy Lolita with a fear-inducing complex, she’s dealing with the passing of her father and finds comfort in the strong and silent Hercules.

In essence, these people are dealing with the past and how it relates to them. Each in their own way, they have to come to terms with aspects of themselves throughout the war and the hero’s journey for each could really be plotted in detail. The same can be said for the anti-hero analog we find in Archer and even the villains in some respect.

It’s Archer that we have to focus on because he’s the center of the route. We find out more about him and by extension our main character From day one almost. Though he may be a bit prickly at the exterior, quite literally, we gain a deeper understanding of why it is he does what he does. He’s not some idealistic hero, in fact, his exact opposite, that being a hero whose idealism was shattered by the cold hard grip of the experience. In a way, Archer’s character arc Is it twisted story of redemption going wrong. He’s come back acting as a villain in order to save the one person he couldn’t before, himself.  But in trying to save himself, he is reminded of his convictions and the ideals that drove him to become a hero in the beginning.  While he doesn’t fit Joseph Campbell’s archaic hero’s journey, his story arc throughout UBW is one of the most well-executed points in the series in my opinion. He is neither a hero nor a villain in this scenario, instead, he’s simply a man bearing the weight of his life and has to be reminded of what he lived for.

For those of you who don’t know there’s an intrinsic connection between our protagonist and the heroic spirit Emiya that makes all the questions about Shirou’s moral stance and life choices a secondary conflict of the show. In a certain sense, Shirou represents the naivete of a person just starting their journey whereas Archer, for all his faults, represents a man who’s lived long enough to see himself become the villain.  Of course, these ideas clash and both grow from their experience. In a way each person takes away a vital piece of information that completes who they are. For Archer, it’s the knowledge that his ideals weren’t inherently bad and served as a good foundation for what he would one day become whereas Shirou had a reaffirmation of his beliefs and values standard front and center before him and literally explain the folly of what would come upon him.

Strangely, in this way, he actually parallels the main villain of the arc Gilgamesh. Once known as the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh has quite literally seen the heights of heroism only to fall to villainy for his own hedonistic desires. The same thing can be said for Kerei who has fallen to desire on his own. The writing here is so crisp and clean that you really do get the subtext that you usually would only get in the knows. And this even the villains have backstories that kind of make you understand them.

There’s a deep tragedy in The series that permeates every story. Rather it is Artoria’s wish to redo the selection of the king, Archer’s misguided attempt to save himself, or Rin’s struggle between identities as a mage and a human there’s some sort of tragedy to latch onto. And it really brings a melancholy darkness to the series that you didn’t get in the Dean version. Yes, it was dark, but it’s the depth of that darkness that we’re seeing here. This leads me to talk about the stylistic choices of the anime.


When it comes to stylistic flourishes and intensity, Fate has it in spades. Animation is crisp and flowing all with a certain dark mystique that brings a whole new level of mystery to the undertone of the series. Outside of the fight scenes, the animation is still gorgeous and it’s this, in my opinion, understated beauty that provides the series with more than it’s fair share of spectacle moments outside of the war arc that’s happening on screen. With that said, having our main characters rendered in a 2D 3D hybrid style brings a layer of realism to them that gives them a sense of weight and gravitas in the world.

But, it is in the fluidity of the fighting that’s some of the best animations is shown off.Ufotable. It isn’t just characters dancing in a shower of sparks this time. Fights feel weighty and thus more meaningful in my opinion. You get this visceral back and forth between characters and seeing some of the most legendary fight scenes in the series with this new coat of paint has really added more emotional value to the clashing between servants. They don’t feel so much like RPG fights as they do legendary boxing matches between the who’s who of ancient and current mythology. In my mind, that’s what heroes only Battle Royale are supposed to be.

That isn’t to say that all the style is saved for the fight scenes. There are plenty of emotional moments that benefit from the stylistic overhaul as well. The battle between Hercules and Gilgamesh comes to mind in this. Instead of things being quick and relatively underdone, we come into a more emotional climax where not only is Hercules defending his master but she’s forced to watch from the sidelines is her only friend is cut down by the king of heroes. The way these scenes are structured gives more authority to them which is why I think the series has become so popular. While not as flashy it has its prequel series, UBW has it where it counts and really gives a new vibe to Fate that makes it seem both darker and more mysterious than the version put out by Dean.

Sound design

Here we are folks, one of my favorite parts of the review where I get to speak about two of my favorite parts of any show the music and the voice acting. All of winter capably done here, we get remixes of classic Fate franchise tunes including the original theme at one point. Alongside new classics like Aimer’s Brave Shine and Last Stardust which serve as the opening and ending theme of the first half of the series respectively. I’ll be frank, these songs we’re such earworms that they immediately made my Spotify playlist, the very same one I listened to when writing these reviews. Honestly, I’m a big fan of the entire OST for the series in a way that I can’t say for any other incarnation of the franchise.

As far as the voice acting, I have a few nitpicks. First off, my least favorite voice actor of all time, you know him as the voice of the decade, Mr Kirito Yeager himself Bryce Papenbrook takes up lead duty for Shirou. While he does perform the role capably I find that the voice actor for the abridged actually put more effort into the character. Bryce, no offense, but your professional, if you have the lead role at least act like you’re supposed to be there. That being said, the talent he has on backup more than makes up for his lack of gravitas in the role.  Honestly, it’s the supporting cast here that I feel makes the backbone of the series as far as voice acting is concerned.

We have people like Kari Walgren returning as the world’s strongest tiger mom meme Saber from Fate Zero alongside the likes of series regulars like Mila Lee who provides the smooth and soothing voice of Rin Tohsaka. Other famous voice actors include douchebag priest Keirei voiced by Alucard himself Mr. Crispin Freeman. I have to say, with him playing the main real antagonist watching him play the villain is just as off-putting and scary as it should be, and honestly, he did all that without going into the Alucard range which I found really surprising.

Then, of course, we have Kaji Tang coming forward as Archer and, if I may say, bringing his best to the role. He’s both dark and mysterious with shades of Shirou’s personality only taken in a more jaded and experienced direction. Overall, his performance leaves only one thing to be desired and that’s the gruffness that one would expect from a grizzled old veteran. However, given the fact that he is supposed to be a hidden antagonist until the end of the piece I can honestly say this can be overlooked.

I have greatly enjoyed talking about the voice acting and UBW as well as every other part of this review. In many ways, it has reminded me of why I do these things. I love to criticize because it helps us learn what works and what doesn’t in the medium we choose to actually watch. But let’s move on to my final conclusion and leave the waxing nostalgic for a much older and more ” get off my lawn ” style Phoenix.

Final thoughts:.

On the whole, Fate Stay Night UBW  is a surprisingly good adaptation of a novel that has no right to be as good as it is. The animation is stellar and the voice acting as well performed makes for a surprisingly compelling drama. But, as always, don’t take my word for it. This is one of those few series I would say without a doubt to watch yourself and really realize if you like it or not. For those of you who heard the discerning watcher, it’s available on Crunchyroll, Netflix, Hulu and others. For those of you who wish for a physical media release, be sure to check out the fine selection at rightstufanime where you can pick up the series box set for $144.96 if you prefer DVDs and $219.98 if you want the Blu-ray. Keep in mind for international readers all of the prices that I put down here are in glorious USD because I am American and sadly don’t have the conversions off the top of my head.

As always thank you for reading and keep it tuned here if you want more of my thoughts on different pieces of media. This is Phoenix signing out

Casual Fridays: Life and updates

Hi folks, it’s Phoenix and as always welcome back to the verse. I know what you’re thinking, why do you keep posting a bunch of boring crap that tells us why you’re gone when frankly it’s getting a little old. Trust me, I get it, but my life has been a total soap opera lately with a lot going on so I’m going to bring you guys up to speed as the one I’m planning to do with the future of this blog and generally how I feel about going forward. Well, for those of you looking for new reviews, my recent circumstances have found me in a situation where I really haven’t had much time to watch anime. As anyone who has tried can tell you, it’s hard to maintain an anime blog when you can’t even afford to pay for legitimate licensed product these days.
To say that I’ve been at a loss is the understatement of the century. Rather I’d like it or not, the last new anime I saw was the demon Slayer movie. And as good as that was, it’s not exactly a hot topic anymore. I want to bring you guys something worth having if I’m going to do anything at all. So, I think I’m going to switch to retro anime for a brief stint and give you guys my thoughts on some of the older stuff that a lot of the new kids on the block haven’t really seen. I know you’re probably want something newer and more flashy, but right now that’s all I can afford. Guys, I’m a budget blogger who makes nothing from this and as much as I try to expand on YouTube and even Anchor I’m afraid this platform makes me next to nothing, and while I am thankful for my meager fan base, I really don’t feel comfortable turning this blog and anything around it into a full-time job without some financial backing.
I’m currently looking into relaunching my Patreon, but with very little in the way of donations I don’t see anything changing anytime soon. Add that to the recent loss of my work horse PC and it’s graphics card and I find myself at a loss. I’m no longer able to make videos, I can do audio, but I’m forced to work with a lower quality microphone and workstation. I can still bring you guys content, but as of right now my setup is on its last legs.
There’s been many a time lately that I have started a blog post only to give up in the middle because I’m concerned about my content quality. I wanted to start this blog to keep my finger on the pulse of anime and now I feel like I’m flatlining. So, I’m turning to you guys for help. If I relaunch my patreon, and I give you guys a few retro reviews every now and again, will that suffice until I get things sorted. For now, my student loans are coming in and I really need to focus on real life. But I still value you guys and I want you to know I still want to give you the content you signed up for.
For those of you wondering about the podcast, yes I do plan on bringing it back with another episode and I’m going to be doing some retro stuff there too. But, I feel innate need to step up the quality of what I’m doing for you. So, thanks for the fine folks and Anchor, I’m going to start posting up a few retro reviews and give him my opinion on a few of the newer tropes and anime. I might not have the time to watch stuff like That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime or Rising of the Shield Hero in their entirety, but I can still get my well thought out and critical opinion of what I have seen. At which point I’m going to produce some high-def recordings and splice in some music so you guys don’t get bored.
Unfortunately, it pains me to say that this is the best I can do for you guys in the moment. But, maybe 2022 to will be the year that I’m finally able to have a bit more flexibility and give you guys This old bird’s opinion on some of the newfangled stuff floating around lately. Until then, I hope you guys keep coming back here because there’s about to be more than just the ramblings of an anime enjoying madman. Until then I wish you peace and happy times.

Casual Fridays: New Job

Hi guys, it’s been a couple of weeks but welcome back. I’m pleased to see that so many of you have joined up since the last time I posted. So, welcome new readers and welcome old friends. I have a couple of announcements to make but this is Casual Fridays so it won’t be as formal. With everything happening to my format lately plus real life kind of becoming an issue I feel like these are light-hearted enough that an update on my life just might make you happy. So let’s get started.

First, I am delighted to announce that through the hellish wasteland that is this pandemic I have actually broken through and found an oasis. An LLC hired me last week to be a customer service agent. I know it’s not the grandiose job that seems perfect for me and it has its own share of problems but at least I’m making money I could possibly put into the blog. Don’t worry, I will still be creating content on the weekends and whenever I get a free moment so you don’t have to worry about anything there. Just stay tuned and try to bear with me.

Secondly, I want you guys to know that the Animeverse Podcast will remain a thing and Will soon be getting its own site page. This will be an archive where I will be posting new episodes and their descriptions. So if you just so happened to miss its debut on anchor or any of the many podcasting options out there, you can always come here and get it straight from the horse’s mouth so to speak. I really enjoyed doing the podcast, and with my tech capabilities currently limited (due to a blown graphics card) making the podcast as much easier than making videos.

I will also later be taking the podcast archives and converting them into YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure. But for now, if you want to see what’s going on with the podcast stay tuned to anchor, Apple music, Google Podcast, or wherever you prefer. If you feel so inclined, you can even contribute to my podcast through donations via anchor. Who knows, I might have you to thank for buying my new setup.

Either way, I want you to know that nothing will change. I’m still your local weeb with quite a bit more culture than most and who knows you might actually like my attempts to do what I love. Well I hope you enjoyed my little update and please stay tuned for more.

News: The Animeverse Podcast

Hi guys, I just want to take a moment to tell you that I’ve made a new effort to expand the verse. There is no a podcast available for your listening enjoymement. The Animeverse Podcast is available via the amasing hosts at Anchor or on Spotify. On today’s episode “Why anime?” I go over why I got into anime.

Re:ZERO Live Tweet First Session TONIGHT

Good evening all, and as always welcome back to the blog. As previously stated, I will be life tweeting my reactions to the anime Re: ZERO Starting tonight at midnight. I hope you all enjoy and here’s hoping that I’ll be able to do more content like this in the future. If you guys want to join in on the fun my Twitter handle is @MrPhoenixOtaku. And I hope you enjoy.

RE:Zero Live Tweet Reaction Thread

Good afternoon dear reader, I hope that Valentine’s day treated you well, and welcome back to the verse. Many of you might have noticed that, in the past two years, I have rarely posted any anime-centric content. This is true for many reasons, however, I feel like it’s time for the drought to end. While I will not be doing a major review for some time, I am willing to engage in my old habits in a new and exciting way.  So, I had a brand new idea.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 or so years you’re aware of the social media platform Twitter. It’s a platform where you are forced to keep things short, sweet, and to the point to get a message across. You have 240 characters to make your statement and after which you’re confined to hashtags web links and @ mentions. While I probably won’t be using it for long-form critical reviews anytime soon, I do feel like the platform is well suited to short-form of reactions to a certain series. So, just to show off my expertise and social media I want to tweet my reactions to an anime series in real-time. 

This format has the advantage of giving my honest opinion without much thought. This means that, by and large, these will be my uncensored and on a show’s story, style, characters, music, and the like. While I am fully aware of just how dangerous giving my full unfiltered opinion might be, I think this is a good time to refresh myself as a critic. To do that I feel like I must level with you without being given time to formulate my opinions the way I usually would.  So, the only question remaining is what show should I do.

The selection of this particular piece has come from quite a bit of consideration. As we all know, the Isekia, or trapped in another world anime, has gained quite a bit of popularity and I figured I would go with one of the most prominent titles. Therefore, I have selected the Funimation dub of Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World. As one of the leaders in its genre, I should have seen this a long time ago. Sadly, given the fact that my time in university and the subsequent pandemic, I have as yet been unable to watch this now legendary series.

I’m sure the chief question among you is how exactly is this going to work. Well, for those of you who don’t know, I do have a Twitter that coincides with the blog @MrPhoenixOtaku though it is rarely used. So, I’m killing two birds with one stone by taking action like this. But, how it’s going to work is I will start watching the anime between in a few sessions conducted at my discretion. they will be announced 2 hours before and I will be stopping periodically to tweet throughout with each tweet marked with a time code and an episode number. This style of marking can be seen below just for your reference:

Ep.# (00:00) Content

I know it doesn’t matter overall, but just in case you ever get lost in the Twitter archives for this that’s your way of being able to keep an eye on what I’m commenting on. That and when I go back through this I’ll remember what scenes I need to rewatch just in case I want to do a review in full. But, rather or not I do this depends on the success of this venture, I suppose.  Anyway, I hope to enjoy the show with this stipulation in mind and I hope that you’ll enjoy it along with me.

Join me on Twitter @MrPhoenixOtaku if you wish to join me on this journey. Feel free to join me on Facebook at PhoenixOtaku1990’s Animeverse if you feel so inclined. Also, if you feel like supporting my unreal attempts to make a lifestyle out of something I enjoy feel free to subscribe to my soon-to-be-open Patreon

This is going to be fun!

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